Board Resolutions

Resolution No. 01-2022Resolution Granting Internet Allowance to MCLE Monitoring Personnel
Resolution No. 02-2022Resolution Authorizing the Purchase of Ten (10) Laptop Units for the Use of MCLEO Personnel in Monitoring Synchronous Online MCLE Activities
Resolution No. 04-2022Resolution Recommending the Amendment of the Qualification Requirements of the Chairperson MCLE Governing Board
Resolution No. 06-2022Resolution Designating an Officer-in-Charge in the Accreditation, Program Monitoring, Compliance and Evaluation Division (APMCED), MCLEO
Resolution No. 07-2022Resolution Recommending the Resumption of In-Person MCLE Activities
Resolution No. 09-2022Resolution Granting Authority to the MCLE Office to Pay for the Actual Accommodation Expenses of MCLE Monitors
Resolution No. 10-2022Resolution Recommending the Creation of Technical Working Group (TWG) for the Amendment of Bar Matter No. 850
A.M. No. 21-01-10-SC – Guidelines in the Conduct of Synchronous MCLE Online Seminars
Resolution 01-2021Designating Additional Categories of MCLE Prescribed Subjects
Resolution 01-2020 –Resolution Setting the Activity Fee of MCLE Online Pursuant to Court En Banc Resolution in A.M. No. 19-10-16-SC dated 25 November 2019
Resolution 03-2020 –Resolution Granting Provisional Accreditation to Alternative Center for Continuing Education and Seminar Dolutions, Inc. [ACCESS, Inc.] as MCLE Online Provider
Resolution 04-2020 –Implementing Guidelines of the Rules and Regulations in the Conduct of MCLE Online
A.M. No. 19-10-16-SC – Approval of the Guidelines of the Rules and Regulations in the Conduct of MCLE Online
Resolution 009-2019 –Resolution Adopting Rules and Regulations in the Conduct of MCLE Online
Rules and Regulations in the Conduct of MCLE Online
Resolution 008-2019 –Resolution Allowing the Conduct of MCLE Online by Accredited MCLE Providers Subject to Stringent Safeguards and Guidelines as may be Required by the MCLE Governing Board
Resolution 007-2019 –Resolution Prescribing that Cessation of the Ground for Exemption Constitutes a Change of Status and Compliance with the MCLE is Thereafter Required Pursuant to Rule 7, Section 4, Bar Matter No. 850
Resolution 006-2019 –Resolution Authorizing the Publication in Newspapers of General Circulation of the Names of Lawyers Who are Non-Compliant with the MCLE Pursuant to Rule 12, Section 2, Bar Matter No. 850

A.M. No. 19-10-10-SC
Resolution 005-2019 –Resolution Prescribing the Automatic Exemption from the MCLE of All Incumbent and Retired Members of the Judiciary
Resolution 004-2019 –
Resolution Authorizing the MCLE Office to Issue Certificates of Compliance to Certain Participants whose Record of Attendance was affected by the Electronic Recording Process in the 17th National Convention held at Iloilo City
Resolution 03-2019 –Resolution Setting the Standards for Exemption of Bar Reviewers and Professors of Law who have Teaching Experience for at Lease Ten (10) Years in Accredited Law Schools
Resolution 002-2019 –Resolution Amending MCLE Board Resolution No. 01-2007 which Grants Exemption to Lawyers Seventy-Five (75) Years Old and Above
Resolution 001-2019 –Resolution Prescribing Rules and Regulations in Submitting Applications to Conduct MCLE Activity and Changes Relative Thereto
Resolution 003-2018 –Resolution Adopting the Consolidated Guidelines for MCLE Accredited Providers in the Conduct of MCLE Activities

Please see attached Consolidated Guidelines here
Resolution 002-2018 –Exemption on the Ground of Old Age, Physical Disability or Illness under Special Circumstances Pursuant to Section 3 [Good Cause for Exemption From or Modification of Requirement], Rule 7, Bar Matter No. 850
Resolution 001-2018 –Resolution Clarifying MCLE Board Resolution No. 09-2013 specifically Item No. 2, paragraph 2, Relative to Incumbent Court Lawyers
Resolution 03-2017 –Resolution Increasing the Present Rate of Transportation and Meal Allowances of MCLE Monitors
Resolution 02-2017 –Resolution Granting Authority to the MCLE Office to Pay for the Actual Accommodation Expenses of MCLE Monitors and Granting Allowance to the Monitors Subject to the Guidelines Set by the Board
Resolution 01-2017 –Resolution Approving the Electronic Checking of MCLE Attendance Through Bar Code Scanning During the 16th IBP National Convention
Resolution 01-2016 –Resolution Setting the Maximum Number of Participants in MCLE Lecture Series
 Resolution 03-2015 –Revised Schedule of Fees of the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education [MCLE] Office
 Resolution 001-2015 –Resolution imposing safeguards and other requirements on “not in law practice, public or private” as ground for exemption from the MCLE as provided under Section 2 (a), Rule 7 of Bar Matter No. 850
Resolution 07-2014Resolution Requiring Counsel to File a Written Entry of Appearance before appearing and arguing in the Courts and Quasi-Judicial Bodies
Resolution 06-2014Resolution Authirizong the Chairperson of the MCLE Governing Board to Act on Applications for Exemption of Retired Members of the Jdiciary
Resolution 05-2014 –Resolution Requiring Private Providers To Affiliate With A Law School Accredited by the Legal Education Board and Recognized by the MCLE Governing Board
Guidelines on Affiliation with a Recognized Law school pursuant to MCLE Governing Board Resolution No. 005-2014
Resolution 03-2014 –Resolution that there should be At Least Ten (10) Lawyer Participants in Approved MCLE Activity for it to be Monitored and given Credit by the MCLE Office
Resolution 02-2014 –Resolution that the IBP National Office shall be the Sole Accredited Provider for All MCLE activities organized by the IBP, including those by the Local Chapters
Resolution 01-2014 –Resolution Prescibing that in Addition to Existing Fees, All MCLE Accredited Providers Shall pay: a) the Cost of Transportation of MCLE Monitors; b) the Cost of Accommodation of the Monitors; c) Per Diem of Monitors
 Resolution 10-2013 –Resolution Requiring MCLE Accredited Providers to Engage as Lecturers/Speakers Only those who are Compliant with bar Matter No. 850
Resolution 09-2013 –Resolution Clarifying Rule 7, Section 1, Bar Matter No. 850 (Exemptions) and to Ensure Uniform and Consistent Application thereof
Resolution 06-2013 –Resolution Reducing the Number of Copies of the Applications Enumerated therein, in Consonance with the Efficient Use of Paper Rule
Resolution 04-2010 –Resolution to Require Applicants for Exemption on the Ground of Old Age and Physical Disability to Submit Undertakings that he/she will not Engage in the Practice of Law Except as Notary Public
 Resolution 03-2010 –Resolution Imposing the Two-Thirds (2/3) Rule in the Applications for Exemptions of Court Lawyers
 Resolution 02-2010 –Resolution that Pricing of MCLE Activity should be per Subject and Not for the Entire Program
Resolution 01-2009 –Resolution to Require Lawyers to Submit Their Attorneys’ MCLE Compliance Report without The Need of Attaching Their Certificate of Attendance Issued by their MCLE Providers
Resolution 04-2008 –Resolution Providing for Minimum Requirements, Standards and Qualifications for MCLE Providers, Lecturers and Programs under Bar Matter No. 850
Order No. 1, s. 2008 – Guidelines for MCLE Compliance of New Lawyers in View of Bar Matter No. 1922, s. 2008
Resolution 01-2007 –Resolution Exempting Lawyers 75 Years Old and Above Who are not Engaged in Active Law Practice from Complying with the MCLE
 Resolution 04-2006 –Resolution Penalizing Providers Who Violate the 45-day Rule by Imposing a Fine of P1,000.00 and to Pay and Provide the Monitors with transportation Fare, per Diems, Overtime and Board and Lodging
Resolution 03-2006 –Resolution Requesting the Supreme Court to Issue a Circular Directing Judges to Require Lawyers Applying for Notarial Commission to Submit a Copy of their MCLE Certificates of Compliance/Exemption
Resolution 02-2006 –Resolution Requesting the Supreme Court to Authorize the MCLE to have its Own Website, which will be Linked to Supreme Court Website
Resolution 05-2005 –Resolution Imposing a Fee of P300.00 for a Certification of Compliance or Non-Compliance with the MCLE
Resolution 04-2005 –Resolution Setting A Maximum of Nine (9) Hours lecture per day to Complete the Required 36 Units of MCLE and that no MCLE Activity or Program shall be held on a Sunday or Legal Holiday
Resolution 02-2005 –Resolution to Include “Gender Sensitivity” as One of the MCLE Prescribed Subjects and to Incorporate it in the Various Courses, Both Substantive an Procedural Subjects
 Resolution 01-2004 –Resolution Extending the First (1st) Compliance Period by Sixty (60) days from April 14, 2004 to June 14, 2004 Without Incurring the Non-Compliance Fee of P1,000.00