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Board Resolutions

  Resolution 01-2016 - Setting the Maximum Number of Participants in MCLE Lecture Series
  Resolution 03-2015 - Revised Schedule of Fees of MCLE Office
  Resolution 001-2015 - Resolution imposing safeguards and other requirements on "not in law practice, public or private" as ground for exemption from the MCLE as provided under Section 2 (a), Rule 7 of Bar Matter No. 850
   Resolution 05-2014 - Resolution Requiring Private Providers To Affiliate With A Law School Accredited by the Legal Education Board and Recognized by the MCLE Governing Board
Guidelines -   Guidelines on Affiliation with a Recognized Law school pursuant to MCLE Governing Board Resolution No. 005-2014
   Resolution 03-2014 - Requiring All MCLE Activities Conducted by MCLE Provider, In-house or Not, Government or Private, Should Have at least 10 Lawyer Participants
   Resolution 02-2014 - IBP National Office shall be the Sole Accredited Provider for All MCLE Activities Organized by the IBP
   Resolution 01-2014 - MCLE Provider to Pay the Cost of Transportation of MCLE Monitors, Accommodation and Per Diem When Applicable
   Resolution 10-2013 - Non-Compliant Lecturer of MCLE
   Resolution 06-2013 - Compliance with A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC (Efficient Use of Paper Rule)
   Resolution 04-2010 - Additional Requirement Against Lawyers Exempted on the Ground of Old Age
   Resolution 03-2010 - Two-Thirds Rule for Application for Exemption
   Resolution 02-2010 - Pricing per subject instead of Fixed Price for the Entire Program
   Resolution 01-2009 - Resolution to Require Lawyers to Submit Their Attorneys' MCLE Compliance Report without The Need of Attaching Their Certificate of Attendance Issued by their MCLE Providers
   Resolution 04-2008 - Resolution Providing for Minimum Requirements, Standards and Qualifications for MCLE Providers, Lecturers, and Programs Under Bar Matter 850
   Resolution 01-2008 - Guidelines for MCLE Compliance of New Lawyers in View of Bar Matter 1922
   Resolution 01-2007 - Exemption of Lawyers Age 75 and Above
   Resolution 03-2006 - Request to the Supreme Court to Direct Judges to Require Lawyers Applying for Notarial Commission to Submit a Copy of their Certificate of Compliance or Exemption
   Resolution 02-2006 - Request of the MCLE to have its Own Website linked to the Supreme Court
   Resolution 04-2006 - Penalizing the Provider Who Violate the 45-day Rule
   Resolution 05-2005 - Fee Charge of a Certification of Compliance or Non-Compliance by IBP Member
   Resolution 04-2005 - Limitation 9 hours per day Minimum of 4 days
   Resolution 02-2005 - Inclusion of Gender Sensitivity as one of the MCLE Committee Prescribed Subject
   Resolution 01-2004 - Extending compliance period by 60 days until June 14, 2004